Business Intelligence Solutions

Productivity, efficiency and determining factors are one of the most important organizations in the successful management aspects. Answers to these questions are generally looking for by following and analysing the current situation. Insights, that have made the analytical facilities for the monitoring and evaluation of internal and external processes, analysing our actions, analysing the consequences of the decisions taken, allows to evaluate not only the current situation in the state, but also in time to see a new possible performance potential, hidden possibilities or new breakthrough areas.

The main purpose of intelligence technology is to provide the responsible staff relevant and high quality information, that they will use the knowledge in the form of decision-making. Information that lives organizations aggregate data is often undiscovered treasure trove of knowledge, which hides the answers to open questions and help to make rational decisions.

Developing solutions usually started from different enterprise data sources stored in the data collection, aggregation and pre-treatment. This is one of our key – BI systems installers – works as properly structured in different data set allows the user to examine the various aspects of mission and receive a single reliable information.

The user-friendly to use analytical tool, which is usually recommended and selected by taking into account the user experience, competence and, of course, the complexity of the task, this is the second aspect of the decision. Intuitively understandable and visually aesthetically realized functionality, simple queries formation and rapid preparation of reports, graphical representation of the results and trends – simplifies the analytical work of system users, allows a more efficient formation of insights and quickly understand the root cause of concomitance, finding untapped niche activities.

After planning of activities very important to have a progressive analysis tool, which allows a flexible, technical nuances unlimited analysis. When system is working in a web browser-based – a great tool for reporting / analysis of performance. It is fully integrated with the planning system, and the number of planned and actual results can be compared instantly, and speed of formation of reports analysing the human will not distract the attention.

Intelligence tools provide functionality for each employee quickly and easily create interactive (dynamic) and “paper” report templates Web browser environment. Created reports can be reused to create other reports can be sent by e-mail, printed, saved in PDF, Excel or other formats. Generated reports can easily adjust the font, font size, change colours, choose the desired interactive and graphic elements, and drag-and-drop approach to insert them into a report template. This function requires no programming, and allows you to work in graphic mode. The system automatically adjusts the embedded interactive graphics and reports the size of the layout window. The employee chooses the inserted element finds its reported data and a visual display formatting parameters. It can install drill-down functionality to the selected category of information in a table or graph in accordance with the desired level of detail. May at any moment to test result reports; preserve and dynamically place the report in the selected document folder.