BA (Business Analytics) – operational analysis area, where uses special methods, tools and procedures for systematic operational aspects testing and decision planning works. This action research is usually based on a statistical analysis of the data. It enables organizations to identify strengths and weaknesses and help to modernize the organization’s internal processes, reduce costs and increase revenues.


BI (Business Intelligence) – business intelligence or business meal – it is the methodology and technology that allows data to be transformed into useful information, which shall be taken on the basis of a better solution.


BSC (Balanced Scorecards) – balanced indicators – it is a strategic planning and management of a methodological tool for organizational development, goals and plans. BSC allows organizations to assess the activities of not only the financial results with respect. It is the company’s mission, vision and strategy transforms through financial, customer, internal processes and human development prism. This results in a much more complete performance measurement. Important – this method allows you to control and manage the activities that lead to financial performance, as recent indicators are “late”. This is achieved operational management balance sheet.


CPM (Corporate Performance Management) – a performance management term that covers methodology, indicators, processes and systems used in the company’s activities to track and manage. All this is realized by using software that allows companies to transform the strategic objectives of the operational plans and objectives pursued relate to operational performance measures, and get a summary of the results. CPM in the performance management cycle combines intelligence, planning-forecasting and modelling, and decision-making tasks.


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) – it is the key performance indicators for companies and organizations performance measurement. They show the organization moves set goal / to success, as well as areas that need attention. Every company or organization has to choose the most important, they work best reflect a strategy consistent with the KPI indicators. It should be noted that the KPI itself is not the objective pursued by the organization. Objectives express the selected period results expectations and performance indicators show what the efficiency in achieving these goals is. There are situations when the outcome still not clear until the last moment, so choose the correct performance of directing the efforts of staff in the right direction.